Forever Will It Dominate Your Destiny

We’re focusing on the Dark Siders, namely Kylo Ren, his Knights and Supreme Leader Snoke. The Force Awakens left several questions around this crew. What are the Knights of Ren all about? What’s next for Kylo? Seriously, who is Snoke?

This is the finale of our three-part speculation series on Star Wars Ep. VII. Part 1 covered a theory of Luke being evil and what kind of Star Wars we’d see from J.J. Abrams. Part 2 focused on Rey’s Lineage and the Expanded Universe. I reference both episodes so it might be worth a look back for context.

Be wary of spoilers in the episode itself, in addition to this write-up.

The Pathos of Kylo Ren

Luke lost Ben Solo to the Dark Side, just as Obi-Wan lost Anakin. I speculate on what we might see from Kylo in the next installments and try to imagine the Solo family dynamics, especially their feelings towards Uncle Luke. Could we see Ben on a redemption arc?

He’s the Supreme Leader, Sure; but Who is Snoke?

Leia believes Snoke was ultimately responsible for Ben’s fall, not Luke’s failing as a teacher. Anakin’s path to the Dark Side played on his love for Padme; what hooked Ben Solo? I get the impression Snoke is somebody we know, perhaps even someone we’ve met already. It feels like he should have strong ties to the main characters, as well.

I take a look at some of the prominent Snoke theories and throw out a crackpot idea of my own.

The Bird’s Nest

The Knights of Ren didn’t do a thing in The Force Awakens. They appeared onscreen for about two minutes. Still, there’s a slew of speculation on these guys. What might they be up to? Where did they come from? Let’s guess!


Grand Admiral Thrawn, created by Timothy Zahn in Heir to the Empire’raw’nuruodo

Aftermath, a “What Next?” Star Wars novel by Chuck Wendig

Rian Johnson on IMDb

Looper on IMDb

Comments & Conversation


  • ExyJ says:

    Damn, that is a layout I can really appreciate, I mean the old one was neat, but this looks so sexy. (You got any experience in graphic design?) Took me some time to comment, but here it goes.
    On Kylo Ren, I really like his character so far, I have a soft spot for short tempered villains haha. Loved his “reveal” when he took of his mask. Some of the audience seemed like they were probably more disturbed by his angry teenager looks than Darth Vader’s burnt scarred face.
    On his (? we still do not know the origin of his name if I’m not mistaken) Knights, maybe they’re using Vibro Swords or something like the Magna Droid staffs. Also I think the sound and unstable look of Kylo Rens lightaber is caused by the fact that he uses Darth Vader’s cracked red crystal.
    And dude a logical reason for the de-canonization in the universe itself would be beyond awesome.

    Listening to: New Album “Afraid of Heights” by Billy Talent. One of my favourite bands, they’re like Alternative-Rock-ish.
    Watching: A lot of timelapse drawings lol, I’m trying to step up my digital art.
    Reading: Re-reading the Halo Forerunner Saga by Greg Bear, one of the most satisfying reads about an extended universe I like even more than the Star Wars one. Huge recommend if you like sci fi.
    Playing: This and that but nothing special at the time being.

    It’s been a joy listening, keep it up man!

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Thanks, man! Good call on the reveal; when Kylo pulls off his helmet in front of Rey they stopped the music and it seemed like there was a moment of silence to let it sink in, too. Another great job of playing with expectations. The fact that he’s “just some dude” is almost another intentional let-down to reinforce that his character is flawed.

      I’ve been mulling on the name but have no theories what “Ren” might be referencing. I think it’s interesting that they’re knights, though. The Jedi are Knights. Maybe that adds credibility that they used to be Luke’s trainees … headed for Jedi Knighthood, fell, and became Knights of whatever Dark Sidery Snoke is part of. I think I saw something recently that mentioned Kylo’s saber was “unfinished,” which accounted for its unstable appearance. I’ll dig into that and try and track it down.

      I’ll definitely check out Billy Talent, too; wasn’t familiar with them, so thanks a ton! I’ve never gotten into Halo, actually; never had an Xbox. Do you need to be familiar with the games to get into the books?

    • ExyJ says:

      Heyy, interesting take on the whole knight thing, I guess Ren could be or could have been a person whose name Kylo took, but it could practically mean anything else too haha.
      On the Halo books, you can definitely read them without having played the games, however, before reading the Forerunner trilogy I’d recommend checking out two other books which give you the background you’d otherwise miss out on.
      “Halo: The Fall of Reach” and “Halo: The Flood” both are not too long and do a good job of introducing you to the story.