Age Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Number

When people talk about “retro gaming” they usually mean old games. I don’t think age has anything to do with it. After a couple random encounters on forums and internal arguments I’m left wondering: what does retro gaming mean to me?

Most of This, Most of That

I assert that “retro gaming” is a classification of the technical capabilities of an era, not a measurement of time. Games from twenty years ago can be modern, just as games from last week can be retro. In thinking about this I was trying to put my finger on what makes retro games feel retro.

I landed on technical firepower.

So … What Does Retro Gaming Mean to Me?

A retro game must have generated sound, not rendered audio. A retro game must not have any rendered video. It doesn’t have to come on a cartridge, but it helps.

I also make a bold statement that nothing on the PS-One is retro.

Agree? Disagree? Love Dubstep?

This was a stream-of-conscious discussion that could easily turn into an ongoing exploration. Semantics are cool and defining our world is fun. If you’ve got thoughts on the matter, hit me up via the feedback line, the comments or on Twitter. This nut can be cracked.

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