I’m hitting pause on the podcast for a few weeks due to a convergence of life, work and personal stuff. Here’s a quick update for April of 2017.

Comments & Conversation


  • ExyJ says:

    I expect a 24 hour podcast soon

  • Anonymous says:

    where are you? its been so long.

  • UPPERMGMT says:


    • Phil/Poly says:

      Gadzooks, man … and over a month later replying. I suck. Apparently my shit got so decayed I stopped getting notifications.

      But yeah – all’s well. I’m still alive and just doing an aggressively lousy job keeping up. My honest intent is to pick this back up, though “when” is difficult; I’m going through a monumental stretch of writer’s block. Or talker’s block? I haven’t created a damned thing in the last year.

      Unwilling to call it dead, but the hiatus continues.