In PvP and in Sports: the Perils of Underestimating Your Opponent

The New England Patriots just staged one of the greatest comebacks in sports. Did the Falcons write them off? Were they overconfident going into the 4th quarter? In this episode, I explore the perils of underestimating your opponent in gaming PvP while drawing parallels to Super Bowl LI.

This episode also brings back recommendations! In a new segment titled, “Shit Worth Sharing,” I give a shout out to Black Sails.

Episode Highlights

  • Greeting and intro; are you talking about sports? (01:08)
  • “The Pats/Packers won the Super Bowl! It’s the greatest day of my life!” On the other hand, how sad. (02:28)
  • Context: The Super Bowl is kind of a big deal (03:49)
  • Making snap judgments about the Patriots and Falcons (06:26)
  • Making snap judgments about PvP opponents (11:44)
  • A heartbreaking tale of Mario Kart Double Dash (12:23)
  • Falling into the trap of underestimating your opponent (18:12)
  • Furthermore, the perils of writing off an opponent (20:00)
  • SWS: Black Sails on Starz (33:14)
  • Housekeeping and items of note with the show (40:30)


Comments & Conversation


  • UpperMGMT says:

    Dude, I finished the Powdermage trilogy. Best book recommendations I have ever had.

    • UpperMGMT says:

      Hows Bloodborne?

    • Phil/Poly says:

      I freakin’ love it. LOVE it. It’s my new favorite Souls game, usurping Demons Souls … and I feel like an idiot for waiting so long to play it.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Dude, that’s awesome – so glad to hear you got some value/enjoyment out of the rec! I loved the series, too; the world was super cool and I loved the novel way that the Powder Mages used magic to enhance their gunslinging. I loved Book II, as well. The whole time Tamas and his two legions were trapped behind enemy lines being chased by the Kez army – a force outnumbering ’em 10x! – was so tense and bleak.

      I also dug all the political turmoil going on in Adopest between Ricard and Vetas. It creeped me the hell out when Vetas and his ships show up and just start dismantling all the old cathedrals and churches in town.

      The author, Brian McClellan, has been writing the first book of a new trilogy set in the same world. It comes out this year in March, so you finished with great timing, man.

  • N/A says:

    Random topics you might be interested in touching on- Corruption in media and corporations funding politicians.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Interesting. Definitely some parallels there with all the kerfuffle about ethics in games journalism, especially RE: corps. funding politicians.

      Thanks for the suggestion!