Imaginations Running Wild

Stranger Things was the sleeper hit of summer. It captured imaginations around the world. Naturally, a slew of Stranger Things theories are circulating the internet. In this episode I take a look at a few prominent ones; I also float an idea of my own.

What IS the Upside Down?

Sure, the Upside Down is a dark echo of our own world. I put forth a guess on its true nature: this “dark echo” is an alternate reality of the world destroyed by nuclear weapons. Stranger Things takes place in 1983 during the Cold War between the U.S.A. and Russia. Eleven spies on Communists. What if the Upside Down serves as a warning and that mysterious government agency is actually benevolent?

The Demogorgon

Aside from terrorizing Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin in the series-opening game of Dungeons & Dragons, this monster plays the supernatural antagonist. Is it possible the Demogorgon and Eleven are the same entity? I explore this idea, which is one of my favorite Stranger Things theories.


Part 1 of this Discussion

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