A Bag of Games

It’s a grab-bag show! I’m talking games, my experiences with Dark Souls III as a series veteran and why I’m looking forward to Nioh. There’s also a segment on why I have no enthusiasm for virtual/augmented reality and why I’d like to see Pokemon Go away.

A Soul as Black as Onyx

In Episode 005 I claimed I was Souls’ed out. I have deep love for the Dark Souls franchise, though as a series veteran it’s lost a bit of luster. When covering a long-running series, topic or sphere of influence you’re bound to lose the magic. Dark Souls III is a great game! I like it a lot, but I don’t love it.

Pokemon Go Away

Pokemon Go hit the scene with a vengeance. Hardcore and casual gamers flocked to it and working to catch ’em all became an overnight cultural phenomenon. I played for a day and a half, then bailed. Call me old-fashioned, but I still enjoy sitting on my ass and playing games with a controller. Virtual Reality? Augmented Reality? No thanks; I’m happy being stuck in the past.

Nioh as a Gateway to the PS4

I still don’t have a PS4. Not playing Bloodborne nearly killed me, but I refused to buy a system for a single game. I might buy a system for two titles, however, so I’ve been eagerly scanning the horizon for something to capture my imagination as much as Bloodborne. Nioh might be that title.


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