The Force Awakens: Part Deux

This is the second part in a multi-part series on Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens. If you missed part 1, catch it here. In this episode I speculate on Rey’s parents and lineage. I also talk about the major de-canonization of the Star Wars Expanded Universe that happened before the release of the movie.

Save This, Jettison That

Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars in 2012 and began production on Episode VII. Soon after they reset the Star Wars Timeline. I talk about what was kept, what was abandoned and possible motivations behind the move. Many fans felt cheated, losing decades worth of lore; maybe content creators felt the same.

I’m optimistic they de-canonized the Expanded Universe for the good of fans. Are we all in it together?

Rey Skywalker? Pshaw. Who are Rey’s Parents?

I rock a tin-foil hat and speculate on Rey’s lineage, starting with the popular theories. None of them float my boat so I go off into crackpot land and assert that Rey is actually a Kenobi.


John Williams says, “Luke’s her daddy!”

J.J. Abrams says, “We haven’t met Rey’s parents yet.”

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