Starting Off 2017 … with a Whimper

In the next — official — episode of the podcast we’ll play the New Year’s resolution game. We’ll take a look back and what went well in 2016 with the podcast, where we can improve and talk about some changes coming with the new season. That’s not this episode, though; the first episode of 2017 is officially late.

Here’s a quick status update.

Comments & Conversation


  • ExyJ says:

    Sounds good man, I’m cannot wait. Bloodborne’s a masterpiece btw and I hope we get to talk about the new Star Wars movie. Hear ya in a couple days

    • Phil/Poly says:

      I’m in awe of how much I’m enjoying Bloodborne. I knew I’d love it but I didn’t think it’d surpass Demons Souls as my favorite in the series. It has. Still making my way through it at a slow/steady pace, but unless the last quarter of the game takes a serious nosedive I’m poised to crown it the new king.

      I still haven’t seen Rogue One! Was that the SW movie you meant, or Episode VIII proper? I’m gonna frame the conversations a bit differently with the show for 2017 to root it in games, but we’ll still go off on all the other tangents. Plenty of Star Wars stuff to come. Gotta vet my theories!