Gaming on the Go

I’ve owned a number of portable game systems over the years. I had both a GameBoy and a GameBoy advance. From there I picked up a PSP, then into the current generation. Some of these devices I remember with love and fondness; some of them I regret owning and scoff at.

Portable Game Systems: Part I

This is the first part in a two-parter, covering portable gaming “back in the day.” We touch on the GB, GBA and PSP. Part 2 will pick up with the Vita, 3DS and other oddities. I’m focusing on memories, both good and bad, from owning these systems rather than hardcore analysis and comparisons. As such, it’s a pretty casual conversation tinged with nostalgia – especially for this first part.

What did I miss/get wrong? Were you guys out there rockin’ GameBoys back in the day? And if so, what was your favorite game on the thing? Thanks as always for listening, and just a reminder that part 2 will be available in two weeks.

General Info on Each Console Mentioned

The Original GameBoy (NA, 1989)

GameBoy Advance (NA, 2001)

PlayStation Portable (NA, 2005)

Custom Firmware on the PSP

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