Bridge Mix (Nuts)

The Holidays are always crazy for scheduling. Here’s a quick update on what to expect between now and 2017; I’m committed to keeping the weekly’ish cadence, though we may miss a Friday here and there and release early or late.

Hitting Some Things, Missing Others

Thanksgiving is next week. Between family incoming, work chaos from truncated weeks and the general churn of the Holidays the Friday releases might be tough to maintain. However, I’m committed to making sure we keep up with the weekly cadence. We might slide here and there, but there will be one episode a week’ish throughout the Holiday season.

I’ll keep everybody updated via Twitter.

Rant! Rave! Respond!

The next episode (coming Monday, 2016/11/21) is a mailbag episode. If you’ve got anything to air, hit me up before then. I’m on Twitter at @Polygoing and on Facebook here. You can also text over comments or leave a voicemail via the feedback line at (415) 697-0679.

Big Social

I’m contemplating switching over to Facebook comments for the site. Do you hate that idea? Like it? Let me know.

The current comment system was built to be as anonymous as possible. An email address isn’t required, nor is a “real” name. The downside of that is missing out on replies. You have to keep checking back to the site to see what’s transpired. With Facebook (or Disqus, or whatever) it’d be a much tighter integration for fostering conversation. That would sacrifice anonymity, though.

Comments & Conversation


  • Jaime D. says:

    I think Facebook would be fine since A LOT of people have it, but like you said some people are kinda weird about it too. If some people say “no” to Facebook then I’d say definitely go Disqus at that point. There’s no downside to it. Both guest posting and anonymous posting is possible with Disqus so you’d be sacrificing nothing.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Good call, thanks. I’ve read a bunch of stuff how Disqus is being abandoned for Facebook comments on a lot of the “big” sites; that’s likely for the social integration and the benefits those sites get out of it. I’m leaning towards Facebook because people spend UNGODLY amounts of time on that thing and it’d be nice to be notified of comments/replies in a place where you already are VS. getting just another email about something.

      I’m hopeful that with all the other feedback options available people can still get in touch if they’re anti-FB.

  • Tom says:

    I also vote Disqus.