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We just held a presidential election in the United States. We’re not talking politics. However, I’m thinking about echo chambers in the aftermath of the circus. These things are dangerous. They can be stunting as a content creator; they can also distort reality.

Echo-echo-echo Chambers-chambers-chambers …

From Wikipedia, an echo chamber is “a metaphorical description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission and repetition inside an ‘enclosed’ system, where different or competing views are censored,¬†disallowed, or otherwise underrepresented.”

We see echo chambers in game communities. We also see them in the arts, or in political discourse or in movie reviews.


Explanation of Echo Chamber concepts

Chickens’ heads exploding near factories, an old urban legend

Comments & Conversation


  • Tom says:

    avid listener here! I have never before heard term “Echo Chamber”, but the idea is familiar, mostly for those politically skewed. Before this election there where so many people in US wondering “Everyone I know is voting for Trump/Clinton, so why Clinton/Trump is doing so well in polls?”
    Great insights on this, and pretty bold declaration on listening to opposition, I am not sure if hundred percent honest.
    Dune is absolutely marvellous to listen to, especially in voice-acting version: “The beginning is a very delicate time…” The ending of saga felt rushed, maybe because it was written by son of late Frank Herbert not himself.
    Waiting for next podcast,

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Thanks for dropping a line, man! “Echo chamber” is an awesome term and very descriptive of a concept I think most of us have experienced. Especially on social media, as mentioned. I fall victim both to contributing to and being swayed by them.

      Speaking of, regarding honesty in listening to the opposition: it’s definitely aspirational. I try – at least, I try to try – to be open minded and plugged in to what people other than me are thinking, especially when it’s not inline with my own theories/beliefs. As confident as I might feel about a particular issue, I can’t shirk the notion that I don’t know a damned thing or that I’m missing something. The most difficult aspect, for me, is trying to truly see things from the other perspective. Kinda that difference between “listening” and “hearing” I was going on about. I fail at that a good deal of the time …

      The effort to hear the other side is sincere, but admittedly I often fail in the attempt. An example of that is with griefers in games; I’ve heard and tried to understand why people do it, but it’s just so far out of whack with how I feel about PvP situations that it’s almost like trying to understand a foreign language.

      I’m angry with myself for not calling out the other cast when I was talking about Dune. Simon Vance is awesome as the narrator, for sure, but Euan Morton as Paul and Ilyana Kadushin as Jessica (I think?) were awesome. Stellar production. Thanks again, man!