Once Upon a Time, and Then Another Time, and Another

We live in a world of sequels. A slew of iconic game franchises have ten or more titles spanning multiple consoles. In this episode I’m trying to find the magic number where game sequels start to feel stale. Is it three? Five? Double-digits?

Game Sequels Gone Good

Sequels can be awesome, especially when a game finds a formula that works. MegaMan II brought us cooler levels, new bosses and fresh abilities expanding on its predecessor. The Final Fantasy series reinvents itself with each numbered release; The Legend of Zelda does to an extent, as well.

I loved the original games in each of these franchises and couldn’t wait to get more. Knowing what to expect from a series brings security and a loose “guarantee” on the experience of each game.

Game Sequels Gone Bad

Eventually “more of the same” starts to get old. Games like MegaMan and Assassin’s Creed – games with tried-and-true formulas – can feel a little stale as you get into the higher numbers. While each game makes refinements on the previous iteration, they start to feel like an old couch. It’s comfortable. It’s a great lounging experience, but you lose the excitement around sitting on it when you’ve been doing so for a decade.

Plell Wayed, Fluttershy

The seeds for this episode were planted by Satanic Fluttershy over on YouTube, who left a comment on my recent Souls’ed Out video paralleling the direction of MegaMan with the Souls Franchise. I hit Shy up for some ideas and asked if I could riff on the topic, and episode 12 was born. Thanks a ton!

There were a ton of series candidates to pick from in talking about this, so I grabbed a few old familiars. What did I miss? What other series started to feel old after the third installment? Hit me up via the normal means, and catch you in the next one!


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Metal Man from MegaMan II

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  • Wyntar Wulf says:

    Yes! Stranger Things! Just finished season one a few days ago. Would like to hear more of your thoughts on it in the next podcast.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      It’s definitely worth talking about. I’m traveling for work this week and have some free evenings so I’m gonna sit and just watch the rest of it in one or two sittings; I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say, as I was a HUGE fan of the movies and shows it’s drawing inspiration from. Loving the dickens out of it so far.

      Thanks for the idea and feedback, man!