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We’ve covered stranger things, buying a new GPU and echo chambers since our last feedback session. In this episode, I’m covering comments on those episodes. I also do some fireside chatting around improvements to the podcast.

On Buying a New GPU

I talked about mental baggage and decision paralysis when buying a new GPU in Episode 018. Turns out I’m not the only one! Big thanks to Jax45 and xTheVisionary for sharing feedback about this topic.

Stranger Things Happened

Episodes 019, 020 and 021 covered Netflix’s Stranger Things. We didn’t receive a ton of feedback on this topic, but it did lead to some interesting side conversations. No more music clips! Also, negativity can be a good thing.

Echo Chambers

Listener Tom left a great comment about the Dune audiobook and my sincerity in talking about “listening to the opposition” in Episode 022 on echo chambers. I make a clarification and further elaborate on how I (personally!) try to consume dissenting opinions.

Fireside Chatting

Plenty of randomness, to boot. I’m thinking of non-intrusive ways to monetize the show, as well as exploring some improvements to the comment system.

Comments & Conversation


  • Justin AKA xTheVisionary says:

    Here’s my “Poly adjacent long ass comment” thing, AKA all the shit that pops up into my head while you’re talking.

    Once you have the appropriate amount of hours into Tyranny to have a decent grasp of it, I demand an episode talking about it. Been dying for a sale on it between HumbleBundle, GMG and/or Steam to buy it – nothing yet.

    On the Stranger Things episodes/multi-episode topics/topics perhaps overstaying their welcome…
    While I don’t mind listening to you riff and rant about shit that I know nothing about, there is certainly a disconnect for the people who aren’t engaged in the topic. And while this is totally cool and people have different tastes and such, I think it might be wise to remember that for those of us who don’t have an understanding of the subject matter, this disconnect lasts for 3 weeks – a majority of the month. That possible subset of your audience could lose interest after a while. Like I said, I don’t mind at all. But I know I’ve dropped podcasts/other episodic content for not speaking to my interests for an extended period of time. For some, that could be 3 weeks.

    Regarding the possible feedback changes to Facebook/Disqus… I’d be cautious of requiring the account registration on a separate site to facilitate conversation on your show. It might be an equally valid argument to say that keeping discussion solely on your own site could be the best choice. Although, I’m pretty unfamiliar with Disqus, so site-integration on your end is a bit blurry to me as to how it would look/work. Just thought I’d put that out there even if I’m not necessarily advocating which route you choose to take. Even if I had a Facebook or if I made a Disqus account, I’d most likely just hit you up on Twitter, in any case.

    I’ve heard some people refer to Firefly as “the live-action Cowboy Bebop”; would you describe it as that? I might give it a shot if that were the case.

    And what are some of your go-to 90’s bands? Although I was born in ’90, my mom instilled a love for ’90’s music, even though I was too young to fully appreciate it. My go-to’s tend to be Bush, The Cranberries, Cake and Soundgarden. Mainly Bush though… because motherfucking Gavin Rossdale, son.

    Solid episode, buddy. Lovin’ it.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Tyranny talk is incoming; if I’m not one already, I’m well on my way to becoming an Obsidian fanboy. I’ll be the dude making weak excuses for their third game which will not live up to hype. Great perspective on the Stranger Things arc, man; thanks for that. I wonder if splitting up those longer, multi-part series might be a good approach. That’d be rough if you’re into it, though. It’s cursed either way.

      I think Disqus offers anonymous posts; if it doesn’t, it’s a non-starter. If anything requires a login/registration I’ll go Facebook. Damn near a quarter of the planet has a Facebook account and the last thing I want to do is make people sign up for something. That’s the whole reason I set up the free-and-clear comments to begin with. The other reason I was considering Facebook is that you’d get conversation notifications in a place where you already go instead of receiving an email. I’m a little hesitant to clutter up inboxes with “such and such replied to your comment” letters. I’ll look into it over the holiday and give everybody fair warning before it happens so there will be plenty of time to dodge.

      RE: Firefly as live-action Cowboy Bebop, hell yes with a but. It’s not silly. Firefly is outlandish and corny at times, but not silly. Some episodes of Bebop were downright goofy by design. Firefly takes itself a bit more serious; it’s not meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Setting and premise and struggles-of-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-to-keep-your-ship-flying wise, it’s pretty spot on. Tone wise, not so much.

      My sun pretty much rose and set with the Pumpkins, Hum (who I’ve given a shout out to before), Radiohead when they were still a rock band and Soundgarden. As a dumbass kid with long blond grunge hair I even wore a twisted fork necklace like Chris Cornell. It was gloriously stupid. I was less into Nirvana than most. I was also super into Tool across Undertow and Aenima. I loved Sixteen Stone from Bush but never got into their follow-up records. Except for Glycerine. Which I thought was super lame. And played a dumb rhyming game. Which made it come off as tame. And all the gibberish was the same.

  • ExyJ says:

    Hey what’s up!
    Sadly had to skip your last few podcasts since I haven’t gotten aroung to watch Stranger Things, no worries though, I for myself don’t really mind multi part series. Thanks for recommending Smashing Pumpkins btw, really nice music to listen to during work. Also I like the comment system as it is currently but I wouldn’t mind changes either.
    Playing a lot of Dishonored 2 at the moment, such a good game, worthy successor to the first game. If you like games like Thief and BioShock I’d give it a go, Dishonored 1 is on sale on steam currently too if I’m not mistaken.
    Reading: The Demon Road trilogy by Derek Landy, latest series by one of my favourite authors, the creator of Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s a nice Horror Comedy Road Trip thing, pretty cool. (Although not as good as SP heh)
    Well anyways stoked for the next episode as always, keep it up!

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Hey, man! No sweat on Stranger Things series skippage; give it a look when you get around to checking out the show and pipe in with how stupid my theories are. Stranger Things is definitely worth a watch, though. I’m stoked _for_ you to see it.

      I hear you on the comment system, too. I want something that’s all we have and more; all the anonymity with a little less pain-in-the-assery. Or, I want something that’s just so ridiculously helpful and useful that it outweighs the registration sacrifices. I’ll keep everybody up to date on where that ultimately lands.

      Dishonored is a game I’ve been sitting on for years. I thought it looked super-cool when it launched and felt it was something I could get into despite the first-person perspective, like Deus Ex or Fallout IV. Never picked it up, though. I’ll give it a look with the sale. I’m not familiar with Derek Landy at all, either. I’ll check his work out, to boot. Thanks as always, man!

    • Anonymous says:


  • Igor says:


    Re: Dune! – Excellent choice on the Dune audiobook! It’s one of my all time favorite audiobook productions. I particularly like that, very much like an illustrated novel, the voice cast bookends the novel by proving talent at the begging, and at the bitter end – like illustrations added to those important passages on a printed book. The narrator picks up where they leave in fantastic fashion as well, and then there are the musical cues and subtle sound effects. Obligatory for any fan of the novel.

    Re: Dune sequels and prequels – You should absolutely read the remaining sequels to the original novels written by Frank Herbert himself (he wrote Dune, Messiah, Children, God Emperor, Heretics and Chapterhouse). There is much discussion about the quality of the plot towards the end and I agree that some of those ideas came out of the deep end, but I enjoyed it. God-Emperor is particularly interesting if you have an interest on the most existential questions posed by that universe so if you can only read one, try that.

    The prequels by Frank’s son are complete rubbish. Having read a couple – House Atreides and House Harkonnen – my humble opinion is that at best, they’re poorly written and rely on nostalgia to push you through. At worst, they’re cringeworthy neckbeard fanfiction. Besides, they attempt to answer questions Frank left open on purpose for the greater effect in the original novels. You don’t want to have the Butlerian Jihad, the Mental order or even the Guild Heighliners ruined for you. A good analogy to this is the is the midiclhorian
    debacle from the Star Wars prequels… unnecessary retroactive explanations.