Live Every Moment Like Your Last?

We’re six episodes deep in 2017! Time for a mailbag episode covering feedback, random topics and a rant on the phrase, “Live every moment like your last.”

Episode Details

  • Greetings! Here’s the gist of the show (00:55)
  • This episode is about nothing … except feedback and random topics (01:11)
  • What do you think about the format change? (02:24)
  • “Live every moment like your last” is a load of crap (03:56)
  • Feedback! (11:31)
  • Clarifying the idea of “warming up” in a game, via xTheVisionary (12:01)
  • The Powder Mage Trilogy is the greatest book recommendation of all time, from UpperMGMT (18:30)
  • Some heavier podcast topics touching on current events, via N/A (22:03)
  • The improvements of the SWS segment, via the feedback line (24:49)
  • The “abilitease” (26:22)
  • Revisiting thoughts on customizing your “build” … aka, you (27:43)
  • Feedback and thanks! (32:03)


Comments & Conversation


  • Firem says:

    New format is great, good to see your podcast mature at last. It would use less meta talking and more structure, more music, more game based crazy ideas. But keep it up.
    I know your strength is in unbounded ranting but podcasting is kind of art and it can be always improved. Show that you can.
    Also music! Those little snippets of yours are so catchy that in era of DS polygoing on YT I searched for the source of the theme.
    Cheesecake FTW!

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Thanks, man! I hear you, RE: structure and the art of crafting a good podcast. That’s something I’m focusing on with “season 2” for 2017; I’ve actually been listening to a number of podcasts about podcasting trying to step up my game. I think I’ve made some good strides but feel there’s a lot more I can do.

      The premise – life imitates video games – was a good start. I also started trying to add a little structure in post. For these first 6 episodes I sat down, blubbered for about 50 minutes and then edited them into (hopefully) coherent 30 minute’ish episodes. So I might take two audio chunks that happened twenty minutes apart “in real life” and splice them next to each other if it made sense for the flow of the show. Rest assured, I’m continuously working to strike a good balance between random rants and coherence/tightness.

      Love the idea of adding some more music, too! If you guys dig the tunes, I’d be thrilled to add some goofy little ditties to share and enhance (and provide some needed reprieve) to the barrage of words.

      Thanks a ton for the awesome feedback. Cheesecake back at ya!

  • xTheVisionary says:

    Regarding the format change, I personally like the old format better due to the amount of nuance you were able to get into each episode. The new format, I think is a lot more clever, but in citing my personal tastes, the old one was more of my style. As you know from our discussions over on YouTube, I love digging into a topic deeper and deeper until we find some kind of root or through-line that sort of gives words and meaning to what otherwise would be attributed to either vague subjectivity or intuition. So naturally, the old format was more of my thing, even though I do like the current format.

    Just my 2 cents, along with the reasons/rationale behind it.

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Hey man, sorry for the tardy reply – but I hear ya. So is it kind of a discovery thing you dug about the old format? The kismet of randomly talking about something (often to death) and then surreptitiously getting to an, “Aha!” moment.

      With the new format I’m still working to strike a good balance between the random and the structured. Ordered chaos, I guess. It’s a little bit more difficult to go down those random paths because the theme is a bit more defined, but I definitely think there’s room to wiggle more. Especially if I add an extra few minutes to each episode. I’ve been trying to cap them to about half an hour, so maybe adding some extra time for general mulling might bring back some of the old charm.

      I’ll chew on that. Thanks a ton, as always, for the feedback! I’m at least a little happy that you don’t hate it outright …

    • Justin says:

      Oh, don’t worry, I am still really enjoying the podcast. It’s more like now I have to wait for you to get the analogy out of the way so you go into the actual substance of the subject. Like I said, the analogies are really clever, but I just prefer the meat of the conversation (or commentary, seeing how it’s just you). But it’s not really the “a-ha!” moment, it’s more of just peeling back the layers of the subject of the episode that I really enjoy. So with the new format, it’s like a delay effect, where the delay is you pointing out the analogy before you then sink your teeth into the subject. I prefer more of the subject, outright. This also is amplified by the fact that you’re sticking to a 30-ish minute format now. So before, you’d have a 50~ min episode, and after housekeeping and intro stuff, I’d get about 40-45 mins of “meat” out of it. Now with a 30~ min episode, after you subtract the housekeeping, intro and newly added “analogy segment” (idk what to call it), I get about 15-20 mins of “meat” out of it.

      And I’m not trying to be harsh or anything, obviously. That “meat” I’m referring to is literally a ball of subjectivity about personal enjoyment. I’m just one guy, and god knows I don’t expect anyone to cater their podcasts specifically to me. And had you not asked for feedback, I wouldn’t have even said anything (hopefully that’s a good indicator that I’m not bothered in the slightest about the new change). After all, I couldn’t give less of a shit about Stranger Things, and yet I listened to it without telling you to stop talking about it. BUT, had you asked… “Hey Justin, do you want another 2 episodes of Stranger Things?”
      I would’ve replied “What? Why? No.”
      Point is… I still listened and enjoyed them, despite not particularly liking on of the pillars of the episode – the subject. So in this case (and to a much lesser degree), it’s the format.