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Except not daily. And not mail. However, I collected a few comments from recent episodes to address in a listener feedback session. We touch on some great examples of Wild West RPGs, getting back to YouTube and draw parallels between Dark Souls and Destiny PvP. We also run through a quick update for Q4 of 2016.

Listener Feedback: Thanks for the Asist

Several episodes ago I floated the idea of adding another episode each week. Upon mulling, I don’t think it would work. Doing an extra episode might stretch things a bit too thin and steal time that could be invested elsewhere, as talked about below. To keep up with listener feedback, I’ll do a show like this one every couple months as comments and ideas come in. There’s also the option to append a feedback segment to the end of each show.

YouTube, Ho!

Instead of adding another show to the podcast rotation, I’m thinking I’ll utilize the time to create YouTube videos. The podcast is going well; meanwhile, the YouTube channel lies dormant. Parlaying some of the momentum from this show, I’d like to give YouTube another try and implement a similar weekly release cadence.


Peeve Peeverson’s Bloodshades fan-made covenant in Dark Souls III

Wild Arms, a great example of a Wild West RPG as recommended by Wyntar Wulf

The Etched City, by KJ Bishop … also recommended by Wyntar Wulf

Wild Arms intro sequence

Comments & Conversation


  • UpperMGMT says:

    When i first started watching you channel i enjoyed it very much, I literally binged your entire youtube channel in a week.

  • ExyJ says:

    Hey Poly,
    Nice to see your audience grow, you definitely earned it. Amazing how time’s passed. Brings me to the question if there are any games in 2017 you’re after? Also cool to know that there are still people of my country who are internationally known for music heh. (I’m Austrian) Well anyways, thanks for the mention. Already keen to hear your next podcast!

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