Midsummer Dreaming

July’s been a busy month for the site. I launched a new theme, resumed the podcast and added some new features to try and make the show better. Before getting into the grit I wanted to extend a thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for leaving feedback. Mostly, thank you for being cool with the transition.

There’s been a big shift in content and it seems to be well-received. So in all earnestness, thanks a ton!

My, What Fancy Pants!

I put a new skin on the site earlier this week. It’s black and yellow, like a bumble bee or a Wiz Khalifa tune. The new look is part of a larger restyle effort. As the content diversifies I figured it’d be good timing for a refresh.

The new look will gradually make its way onto Twitter, YouTube and all the other places I lurk. Hit me up with thoughts and opinions on it, especially regarding the dark theme. Personally, I’m a fan of dark themes but they can often be tough to read in brightly lit places or in sunlight.

Welcome Back, Podcast

The first half of the year was a blur. I had a kid, started a new gig and got swept up in personal goings-down. As a result I almost walked away from content creation completely. Explanation about it happened on Episode 005 of the show. Normalcy returned, however, and we’re back to blogging and podcasting.

I’m committing to putting out weekly episodes so releases are regular and predictable. New shows now come out every Friday. I’m wrapping up the speculation series on The Force Awakens today, which was a shit-ton of fun to make and represents the type of content diversity coming down the pike. I’ll discuss books, comics, TV shows and music worth listening to. Gaming, too, of course.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear about, lemme know!

Speaking of Letting Me Know … New Features!

A couple new features popped up in addition to the content shift. I implemented a feedback line which takes voicemails and text messages to make interacting with the show easier. If you ever have something to say – literally say – you’re invited to call in, leave a message and go nuts. I’d love to include a feedback segment in future episodes and take it a step further than static comments. That number also accepts text messages.

It might go without saying but all personal info is kept completely confidential and will never be used for marketing or spammy purposes. Call that number any time, as well; it goes straight to voicemail, so it’s not like you’re calling me directly at 4:12am or something.

The feedback line is (415) 697-0679.

Know What I Think is Cool?

The ending segment of each podcast now contains a run-down of things I’m watching, playing, reading and listening to. It’s a time for show-and-tell. There are scads of cool pop-culture titles out there and it’s damned near impossible to keep up with everything. When guests come on the show we’ll go around the horn with it, too.

The segments intend to hint at what topics of discussion might show up on future podcasts, and hopefully lead to conversations of, “Dude, if you liked X check out Y.”

Update Concluded

That’s up. The site and podcast are in a good place, while the YouTube channel remains in limbo. My goal is to come up with a similar schedule to regularly post videos again, which I’ll be working towards next.

In the meantime, if you have anything to yell at me about feel free to do so via the usual means. Until the next update!

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