All Good Things Must End

Luckily, Stranger Things season two is on the way! As good as the execution of this show was, even Stranger Things left us with unanswered questions. We’ll talk about Barb, the nature of “Eleven” and what might be coming in the second season.

This is part 3 in a series. If you missed part 1, find it here. Part 2 is here.

Even Stranger Things Couldn’t Make Barb Cool

People love Barb, but I don’t get it. I share a tongue-in-cheek theory on why this character garners such adulation. On a more serious note, I also talk about Barb as a literary device and why she was so important for the story.


Did you notice that El’s tattoo reads 011, not just 11? That means there could be 999 kids with similar ink. I explore what this marking might mean: are┬áthere a number of other kids with similar powers at the Hawkins lab, or rather that there are a number of other labs each with one psychokinetic kid?

The Thessalhydra in Season 2

Season 1 of Stranger Things opened with fear of the Demogorgon. It ends with fear of a creature called a Thessalhydra. I expect this is a clue about the antagonist in the next batch of episodes, set about a year later.


“Eleven is Hawkins Lab’s greatest achievement.”

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