The Power of a Console, Portable

I owned both a PlayStation Vita and a Nintendo 3DS XL. I didn’t really care for either of them; this time out I reflect on both systems and talk about where they fell short. This is part 2 in a two-part discussion. Part 1 covered the GameBoy, GB Advance and the PlayStation Portable and can be found here.

The PlayStation Vita

PlayStation life, indeed. The Vita is an immensely powerful console that fits in the palms of your hands. It had a full six-axis control scheme, a novel touch interface and a boatload of promise. Why didn’t I dig it, then?

The battery life was trash. It never really seemed like the thing got the attention it deserved, either, so the games library stagnated. Despite my expectations for the system, I never came around to it. I discuss.

The Nintendo 3DS (XL)

After ditching my Vita I circled back to pick up a 3DS. As an owner of this system, I never once played an official 3DS title and spent all of my time playing games from the virtual console. I claim the 3DS is the best emulator you can buy and is a great platform for retro gaming and playing rare exports from Japan. Ultimately, it fell short of my expectations just like the competition.

General Info on Each System Discussed

The PlayStation Portable (NA, 2012)

The Nintendo 3DS (NA, 2011)

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