Gaming Poisons as a Parallel to Deadlines

Working under a looming deadline often leads to panic and rushed decisions. When infected by any number of gaming poisons, the same perils apply. However, both instances can increase your focus and help prioritize actions.

In this episode I’m exploring the similarities between meeting real-life deadlines and playing a game with a poisoned character.

Episode Details

  • Greeting and context (01:03)
  • This show is about toxicity, not the Final Fight character (01:51)
  • Poison as a damage-over-time mechanic is old a jumping in games (02:28)
  • Real-time poisons and turn-based poisons (05:24)
  • Panic and desperation when poisoned or under a deadline (11:53)
  • Desperation is bad, but there’s also an up-side to deadlines/poison (21:49)
  • Opening it up for feedback (28:28)

Feedback & Discussion

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