A New Hope for the Dark Side: Luke Skywalker

I was convinced we’d see a Dark Side Luke as the big bad in The Force Awakens. He was arrogant and prideful in his dealings with Jabba. He also tried to murder the Emperor. Had he started down a dark path, forever dominating his destiny?

Citing events from Return of the Jedi, I explore the possibility of Luke Skywalker falling to the Dark Side in addition to what it might mean for the galaxy. I also revisit the theory, now having seen the movie.

A Star Wars Alias, Lost in the Fringes

A million voices cried out when J.J. Abrams took the reigns as writer/director for episode VII. “He’s gonna ruin Star Wars just like Star Trek!” “We’ve lost (pun!) Star Wars to a convoluted story and nonsensical ending!” Pshaw. Awesome!

J.J. Abrams tells stories much more subtly than Star Wars movies of the past. The unanswered questions from the conclusion of Jedi created fertile ground for some Abrams’esque twists. I thought he was a great choice to steer the franchise in a new direction and I couldn’t wait to see what he’d do.

Up Next

This is the first podcast in a multi-part series covering The Force Awakens. We’ll focus on theorycrafting and speculation around what’s to come, tackling such questions as, “Who are Rey’s parents?” and “Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?” Let me know what you think, what I got wrong and what you might like to hear covered.

Hit me up with any feedback via the comments or the voicemail line; thanks for listening!

Comments & Conversation


  • ExyJ says:

    Hey, first of all, the plan for your future podcasts sounds awesome! Hyped for books and comics and actually everything else too. I personally liked Episode 7 except maybe from the whole another deathstar thing lol. What’s your opinion on the “termination” of almost the entire extended universe which didn’t mind that much, aside from the de-canonization of Boba Fett’s life, the Karen Traviss Mandalor Novels and the Force Unleashed Games. Speaking of those, ever played them and if, what do you think about them?
    Anyways, great stuff and I hope for more

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Thanks, man! I’m covering some theories on the extended universe nullification in the next one; totally with ya RE: The Fett. It breaks my heart to think of him just being slowly digested in the Sarlacc’s gut. The Force Unleashed is interesting – specifically the idea of Vader having a secret apprentice. (Freakin’ LOVED the first one for lore and the badass re-imagining of a bigger, badder Force … never actually played the second, oddly.)

      I think there’s some specific reason they de-canonized the EU. Something out there was getting in the way of the story they wanted to tell with Eps. VII-IX. Maybe we’ve already seen it. Maybe they just wanted a Ben Solo instead of a Ben Skywalker. Or maybe something was conflicting with Snoke’s ID or Rey’s folks. Either way, I’m also sad to see Grand Admiral Thrawn up and vanish in addition to the lore and characters from the Legends comic. Was totally into that, seeing Luke’s descendants’ descendants’ … descendants’ and also seeing the Sith abolish the Rule of Two.

  • Jaime D. says:

    How come this one says 4 comments but I only see 2? Hacks! O_O

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Not hacks, but definitely goof-ballery. The site’s built on WordPress, which counts links-to/pingbacks as comments by default. So when I cross-link from other episodes (eg, “Check out Part 1 here”) it counts as a comment. Bizarre. I’ll fix that; thanks, man!