Apples are Better Than Oranges

This is an episode of faux-philosophy (fauxlosophy?) and explores the nature of “better.” It’s associated with gaming as we apply this fauxlosophy to the console wars. Can one platform really be better than another? I don’t believe so.

One console can be more powerful than another. It can have a faster GPU and more games. Speed and a variety of content aren’t the only ingredients to cooking up a great console, though.

Applied to the Console Wars

The console wars have been raging since the second-ever platform launched. I think out loud about the futility of asserting that one platform is better than another, using classic examples like, “PC is better than console!” and “Xbox is better than Playstation!”

I extend the critique of X-is-better-than-Y statements beyond consoles and in to games, as well. It’s especially prickly in comparing sequels.

Shout-outs to Dark Souls I and II, Super Mario Brothers VS. The Legend of Zelda, and non-specific JRPGs VS. first person shooters.

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