You’re a Scrub, Newb

I’ve isolated myself from external conversation about Dark Souls III. In getting back into the PvP scene, though, I’ve received a bit of hate mail concerning my weapon choices. As a result, I’m reflecting on the positives and negatives of community pressure.

Community Pressure for Good …

Listening to community sentiment can make you a better player. It gives you insight on what to look out for or what to adjust in your play style. It can also push you to try new things. Back in the days of Street Fighter II, I started as a Chun Li player. Chun Li’s move weren’t the most difficult to execute and she had some abilities that were easily abused. After receiving grief from opponents I started building up chops with Ken, whom I ultimately used as my main.

If people hadn’t pressured me out of my comfort zone I might still be stuck in a rut. I talk about similar experiences with my weapon choices in Dark Souls PvP.

… And for Ill.

Taking community feedback to heart can improve your game play over all. It can also detract from the fun you’re having. I fell in love with the Carthus Curved Sword from Dark Souls III almost instantly; it has great range, damage and attack speed. Unfortunately, this weapon is detested by a good chunk of the community.

I let this perception sway me and refused to use a weapon I enjoyed wielding. Sure, I got exposure to other equipment but couldn’t help but long for my original blade choice.


Episode 001 of the podcast, talking Street Fighter II love

Comments & Conversation


  • ExyJ says:

    Hey Poly, what’s up
    Finally managed to binge listen to all your recent podcasts after missing out for various reasons, and man, I’m so happy I did.
    I could talk about the meta in games for hours. I’ve got one particular story to throw in about that. So after getting burned out on souls 3 shortly after it released, I went and gave Destiny another chance (got it back then when it released, stopped playing after a month), got the Taken King edition on sale and got hooked. They fixed a lot of it’s initial flaws and it revived my love for sci-fi shooters, but let’s get back to what I wanted to say. It has a really competetive, sometimes very salty pvp scene, and if you want to be part of that group you really need to live the meta, people using different stuff are the ones called noobs in this game, since most assume if you don’t use the meta, you don’t know about it, therefore you must be new to the game. Really almost the exact opposite to the Dark Souls mentality.
    That’s a wall of text, also if you still need something to read, let me recommend again some Halo stuff; “The Flood” and “The Fall of Reach” do an excellent job of introducing you to the story, you don’t even need to play the games if you’ve read those two.
    Well anyways, keep it up, I’m stoked as always

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Hey, man! Sorry for the late reply … but thanks as always for the great perspective and feedback. I freakin’ LOVED your story about Destiny. I kinda riffed on this in the most recent episode as a perpendicular approach to bringing balance to an imbalanced game. Speaking from strictly a logical perspective, I actually think the Destiny approach makes the most sense – everybody uses the most effective stuff possible as a baseline. If everybody’s using “the best” gear, it’s a semi-level playing field. I think there’s less wiggle room in that for arguing/kvetching about OP weapons, as well.

      Plus, there’s something beautifully simple about saying, “Just use the most powerful stuff.” I’ll always try to challenge myself and improve as a player in Souls, so I’ll likely always be using weird or non-meta gear for grins … but I’m pretty fascinated that the Souls community _mostly_ went the opposite direction as Destiny.

      Still got your Halo recommendations on my reading list, man!

  • Wyntar says:

    Oh man, I forgot how old Cowboy Bebop was. I bought the DVDs for it back when the VHS section was still eclipsed by the size of the DVD section at all the stores. I’m getting nostalgic for some Bebop. Haven’t watched it in forever. Thanks, Poly!