A Transfusion of Podcast Resolutions

Santa gave me a PS4 for Christmas. As a result, I’m finally playing Bloodborne! The game is a masterpiece. However, quirky performance and frame rate issues get in the way of perfection. I’m talking about my experiences as a console gamer so far in addition to sharing some podcast resolutions for the new year.

Show Segments

  • Talking Bloodborne and the new PS4. Spoiler; it’s not a Pro. (01:17)
  • Improvements and ambitions for the show in 2017 (13:40)
  • A major shift in the YouTube channel, though not an official announcement (26:20)
  • Opening it up for feedback (32:55)

Comments & Conversation


  • UpperMGMT says:

    How to monitor discussion is very difficult to track. I appreciate that you are thinking about it.

  • Aditya Sinha(Gunz) says:

    Poly i wish u the best with this, as silver tongued as always.

  • UpperMGMT says:

    Might be good to start streaming on twitch or youtube to satisfy your youtube population?

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Good idea; I’ve thought about that quite a bit over the years. The only quirk is scheduling. I don’t think I’d be able to commit to any type of regularity. With the channel and podcast I could always do stuff “when there’s time” … as long as it was done by a deadline, like with episodes every Wednesday or Friday, stuff could get made anytime.

      It might be weird to do a stream on some random Tuesday for an hour, another on a random Friday for 2, then nothing for two weeks, etc. I’ll definitely give it some thought, though. Thanks, man!

  • ExyJ says:

    Heyo Poly, awesome to have you posting again! Bloodborne is a masterpiece, grabbed it on release, disliked it at first, but it grew on me and with the dlc it became my favourite souls title and one of my all time favs. I hope you manage to grow the audience you deserve this year, I’ll recommend you to as many people as I can. Happy belated xmas and new year. Stoked for an episode on the new Star Wars movie, keep it up!

    • Phil/Poly says:

      Right on, and thanks a ton! I’m having a blast with the game, and yeah – officially, Bloodborne is now my favorite Souls game. I’ll see if that holds up or if I backslide, but it’s a freakin’ gem. Happy time-traveling Christmas/New Year’s wishes back at ya!

  • L1D says:

    Love the show. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Good luck!