There and Back Again

Hello. It’s been a while! The last podcast entry was from 2015; it’s now July of 2016. What happened? Are we finally back to podcasting? In this fireside chat-style episode I talk about the hiatus and its root causes. I also air┬ásome ideas for major changes to the podcast and YouTube channel.

Souls is a Small World

When the YouTube channel kicked off in 2012 it was dedicated entirely to Dark Souls content. Through its life it’s been almost exclusively Souls content. Dude, honestly … I’m Souls’ed out.

I still love those games but I’m hungry for new topics of conversation. I started the podcast as an excuse to talk about other cool things: movies, music, TV shows, books, comics, etc.

Is being “a Souls channel” in the rearview mirror?

Getting Back to Podcasting

In January of this year I had a kid. She’s amazing. I love being a dad. The time constraints hit harder than expected, however, and both the YouTube channel and the site came to a halt. I’ve got a better handle on things now, though, and am ready to kick things off again.

I apologize for the delay. Quite literally, life happens.

More than ever, feedback and comments are appreciated as we take a bold step in a new direction.

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