Life Imitates Video Games?

Oscar Wilde claimed life imitates art. Video games are an art form. It stands to reason, then, that life imitates video games. Polygoing Off is a weekly podcast exploring the uncanny similarities between real life situations and our favorite video games.

New episodes come out every Wednesday and are available in all the major podcast directories.

Life Imitates Video Games: About the Polygoing Off podcast

A Venn Diagram of Real Life and Games

In each episode, we’ll pull something cool from games — a mechanic, a story theme, a character quirk — and draw parallels to real life situations or current events. It’s a tongue-in-cheek show about sharing those times when the most mundane things make you say, “Damn … this reminds me of [insert  beloved moment from gaming].”

It’s a Video Games Podcast that’s Not About Video Games

Topics include games from all eras and platforms. We don’t go into pro tips or strategy, however, and instead focus on the touchy/feely stuff as it relates to life. Previous episodes include an exploration of working under a deadline feeling like a game character getting poisoned. We’ve also covered how life is essentially a Metroidvania for young kids.

Phil/Polygoing: Your Host for the Podcast

Phil/Polygoing: Your Host

I’ve been casually hardcore about games since the days of the NES. I pulled my first all-nighter on Dragon Warrior (Quest) II. Even in those early days I’d think about how life imitates games; moving from grade to grade was like leveling up! Confronting a bully is like a boss fight! Accordingly, this podcast is an extension of those thoughts.

I’ve been laying down commentaries since April of 2012 when I started a YouTube channel dedicated to Dark Souls. I’m not a games journalist and have no professional ties to the gaming industry. However, games shaped the context of how I see the world. I also love talking about them in the same casually hardcore manner I approach play.

If you dig the show and want to start a side conversation, hit me up via any number of contact methods.